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WTF is a
Private Room?

Every chatroom is smart. It automatically becomes private for its members before it becomes chaotic.
That's how we built it. It is meant to be relevant.
It is not a Slack channel or a FB group or another "Mentoring" program. Always something great is going on here.
Start your own room or join an existing one.
Get A Quick Taste.
QnA Smart Matching

Not feeling like joining a chatroom? No problem! Ask a startup-related question and instantly see answers, conversations and people linked to it. We always remain relevant to your startup's case.


How To Use Mapped?
✔️ Start a room and enjoy great chats
✔️ Join existing rooms and meet great people
✔️ Ask a question and get answers in seconds
✔️ Discover great innovators with a few taps
Mapped Is Perfect For You If...

✔️ You are growing your startup
✔️ Your time is limited
✔️ You are tired of the chaotic communities
✔️ You want to learn new growth-hack techniques
✔️ You want to show how you do great things
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