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How To
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✔️ Setup your profile in less than a minute by filling out your skills, industry, location & startup stage
✔️ Ask questions and instantly see what has already been done by other founders and industry experts
✔️ Use the advanced searching option to find people by location, skills and industry and invite them to chat
✔️ Discover new ways to acquire customers to your startup and get investors connections from funded founders
Why join Mapped? 👌

1.Get ready ⚔️

85% of startups fail because founders do not know what to do next. Well, not anymore ;)

2.Save money 💰

Get answers relevant to your questions and save your startup's time and money.

3.Have fun 🎈

Get points and use them to unlock premium content. What's life without some fun!

4.Easy to use ⚡

You set up your profile in seconds, and that's it you are one of us!

5.Exclusivity 🤫

Strictly for founders. No noise or spammy promoters like in online communities.

6.Learn fast 💡

Ask a question and instantly see what has already been done. From real founders.

7.Intros 🤑

Ask for investors intros and founders in your industry or location will introduce you.

8.Feedback 💛

Ask for product or pitch feedback and get instant feedback to improve your proposition.

9.User tactics 🚀

Discover new ways to acquire users and grow your startup faster.

What Every
Founder Needs 😉

Ask for Investor Intros or questions around Product/Pitch feedback, User acquisition tactics, Marketing, Technical etc. and...

✔️ We recommend you founders who raised funds in your industry/location
✔️ Instantly see what other founders and industry experts have already done about what you asked
✔️ Chat with founders who go through similar situations to support each other
✔️ Win points that you can use to unlock Premium startup techniques
Learn New Tactics
And What Mistakes To Avoid 💪

We use Artificial Intelligence to make sure all the answers, tactics and people you see are relevant to your startup's specific situation.

Smart Founder
Intros 🤓

✔️ Search for other founders by Industry, Skillset, Stage & Location
✔️ Send Email Introductions and Personalised Chat Invitations with ONE tap
✔️ Connect with relevant entrepreneurs who can help you out or need your support
✔️ Grow your network and boost your startup
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