About mapped.

Mapped is all about founders. Our purpose is to make your startup journey easier and more viable than ever before. We want you to save time & money and build the startup you always dreamed of. After a lot of research it looks like no matter what your industry or location is, startups have a lot of similarities. Especially when it comes to the challenges they face from time to time. Even if you lack of resources, like experience on a particular field or liquidity, there is always a founder out there who has been in a similar situation before and sorted it out. That's where mapped comes in. Instead of spending money on advisors or business coaches, who might even be irrelevant to your startup's vision and momentum, we match you with founders who have been in your situation before and can answer your questions instantly. No mentoring, no bizzare solutions and techniques. Pure and staright to the point answers to your problems. Let's make the startup scene a better place.

How we do it?

We designed a matching algorithm which is based on your industry, location, skills, target audience and much more. In that way we make sure that every time you need something and you share it, you will always match with founders who somehow will be able to help you.

Reach out.

Tasos Valtinos

Founder & CEO