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Always Relevant

The way we display you all the information is based on your background, your startup's needs and the questions you ask.

Smart Algorithm

View answers given to questions like yours, see what other founders like you go through and get connected with founders who are a few steps ahead of you.

Mapped - Mobile app for founders.


Get solutions that are applicable to your problems, ask for investors intros and discover new ways to acquire users simply by asking for it.


Search for other founders by location and industry, have 1:1 chats with them, schedule calls & meetups.

How it works?

It's super simple.

Tell Mapped a couple of things about your background and your startup.

Ask questions around funding, user acquisition, marketing or anything that you need to answer.

Automatically see founders who can help you or go through similar situations & answers that have been given to questions like yours.

No more noise. Only relevant content. If you are a founder and you seriously work on your startup then this is for you

Recent questions asked.

Fundraising, business, marketing & legal are some of the biggest pain points for you in your startup journey. Check what other founders in the app are currently going through.


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